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What is a Space Cleansing?

Space Cleansings & How They Work

Space cleansings are performed to clear any dark, stagnant energies in your space and bring in the light!  Heavy energies are transmuted to light, and energies that are of no service to you are released.  


Space cleansings are ideal if you are moving into a new space, are experiencing heavy energies in your current space, or are going through a healing or transformation.  The energies that reside in the spaces we spend a majority of our time have a profound impact on our health and wellbeing.  Dark or stagnant energies can cause issues such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, irritability, and in more severe cases, this can manifest into physical ailments.  Just as we clean and tidy up the physical space itself, doing the same energetically is just as important!  Emotions, as well as wandering energy beings that take a liking to our space, emit energetic frequencies that stick to the walls and may weigh the space down until they are energetically dusted away.  If too much chaos or negativity has soaked up into the walls, a portal or vortex of sorts may arise and bring in even more heavy energy.  Luckily, a thorough space cleansing can tie up and fortify any weak spots to create and maintain a space of pure light and love.  After a cleansing, clients often feel more relaxed and at ease, more confident in their environment, and learn valuable tools to maintain a light, balanced space.  Many clients also experience an increase in abundance and prosperity following a cleansing, since obstructive energies were removed.


A space cleansing is a powerful partner to any healing work, as it helps promote and strengthen the impact of your healing by keeping your space just as balanced as you are!  If we keep our space and self positive and light, happiness and abundance have an effortless pathway in our direction.

Distance Space Cleansing vs. In-Person

I use distance Reiki techniques to perform a space cleansing remotely.  Energy transcends space and time, thus distance does not serve as an obstacle in cleansing a space.  With a distance cleansing, my tools are Reiki energy and my psychic medium abilities.  Reiki energy is incredibly powerful in creating and maintaining a space of pure light.  The only thing I do ask of you is to prepare the space by burning a cleansing botanical such as sage, palo santo, rosemary, cedar, or lavender.


With an in-person cleansing, I will go to the client's space directly.  I will perform the space cleansing using Reiki energy, my psychic medium abilities, as well as shamanic techniques such as smudging and rattles.  In more severe cases of incredibly dark or demonic entities residing in a space, an in-person cleansing may be more beneficial.  If you are unsure of which direction to take, I am happy to discuss via a phone consultation.  I will use my psychic medium abilities to get a read on the energies in your space to figure out what approach would be most beneficial.

What to Expect During a Space Cleansing

Both distance and in-person space cleansings follow the same format.  We begin with a quick check-in to discuss the purpose and goals of the cleansing.  I will go through the entire space, scanning the current energies to understand what is present, then the cleansing will begin.  As dark, stagnant energies are removed, you will notice an immediate shift as peace overwhelms your space.  The cleansing will conclude with another discussion, where I share what I found and any insight I received such as how the energy came to be there, how to maintain the light in the space, tips on keeping your energy field clear so you don't bring in unwanted energies, as well as any other information or insight relevant to the cleansing.

Tips to Prepare Your Space for a Cleansing

-Open the curtains and let the light stream in all rooms!  Sunlight is a very helpful cleansing tool to keep vibrations high.  If you can also open the windows to bring in some fresh air, even better!

-Clean up any dirty or cluttered areas in or around your space.  A heavy energy's favorite place to reside is the dark, dirty, cluttered closet.  By keeping your space clean, you prevent heavy energies from having a hiding spot, and thus prevent them from sticking around.

-Declare that only light and love are welcome in your space.  We have free will, so make good use of it!  If an energy is making you feel uncomfortable, don't be afraid to tell it to leave you and your space alone!  You don't have to deal with it.  You are always in control.

-Burn a cleansing botanical such as sage, palo santo, rosemary, cedar, or lavender to clear any heavy energies.  Be sure to keep the window open so the smoke and energy has a way to leave!

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