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My Story


From as far back as I can remember, I have had an awareness of what lie beyond this realm. Coming from a family all with a sixth sense, it was normal to interact with the energy beings that surrounded us. 


My first experience occurred during a poltergeist when I was two years old.  Though it was absolutely terrifying, it established the existence of the unseen.  When I was four, I saw my guardian Angel. This provided powerful reassurance that I had guides and guardians always looking after me. Soon after, I discovered I had a very strong connection with the Faerie realm, and my journey into the world of energy began.

Growing up I would often astral project and explore the depths of our solar system.  I befriended beings that lived on various planets (Jupiter was my favorite!), and experienced their world the way they did- similar to how the Faerie realm coexists with ours. I developed a very strong interest in aliens and created friendships with various collectives.



When I was 16, I met my spiritual mentor. She helped me understand and hone in on my gifts. Despite my awareness of energy, as well as the welcomed nightly visits from my deceased great-grandmother and family cat, I was still very weary of the unseen. I quickly learned the fear was quite mistaken. Through her guidance, I began studying, training, and strengthening my psychic and mediumship abilities. I started offering Oracle card readings, and soon transitioned to psychic medium readings to people all over the world.

Consequently, I began to have almost nightly visits from spirits in need of help passing over.  I quickly learned the ins and outs of dealing with various beings.


The more I learned, the more curious I grew with the full extent and possibilities spirituality offered.  I explored other avenues such as trance channeling, teaching, house cleansing, and ultimately fell into Reiki healing.

My mom, a Reiki Master herself, took me under her wing. I received my Reiki Master/Teacher certifications in Usui, Karuna®, and Crystal Reiki by 2019. Through Reiki, my gifts and all areas of my spiritual work have been fueled and enhanced by its powerful signature of light and love.


In January 2021, I started a podcast, Diary of a Psychic Medium, to help shed light and guidance on these topics.  You can listen at!

In November 2022, I began a subscription service to help my mission in making these topics accessible and normal.  You can check it out at the "SUBSCRIBE" tab or by clicking HERE!

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