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A one stop shop for all of your self care, spiritually curious, psychic expansive needs!


For only $7 you gain access to exclusive content & perks:

  • 15% off ALL Full Priced Sessions

  • Monthly Group Zoom Hangout

(where the weird is our normal)

  • Distance Reiki Healings

(for things like moving through discomfort or support stepping

into a new chapter or calling in creativity)

  • Spiritual Crash Courses

(ranging various topics from getting to know your spirit

guides to trance channeling to setting boundaries)

  • Guided Meditations

  • Movement Meditations

(for those looking to change things up or

struggle with mindfulness meditations)

  • Exclusive Channeling Videos

  • Expansive Conversations

  • Weekly Reflection Practice

(aka Tea Time)

  • Ad Free Video Podcast

  • and so much MORE!


New videos are uploaded each week, giving you plenty of content to explore and digest as you create your ideal spiritual practice, step into your highest self, and explore your curiosities in a safe place.  Take the stress out of self care and spiritual progression!

There are 2 ways to subscribe:

Via Patreon (if you prefer to access everything with an app or receive a bundled discount):



or via OnlyFans (gives you one free month for each person you recommend):


(Please note: the content is the exact same for both.)

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