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Psychic Medium Readings

The Difference Between Psychic and Medium

In a psychic reading, I raise my vibration through meditation to connect with the energy of the person I am reading.  I use my gifts- clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), clairempathy (empathy), and claircognizance (knowing), as well as channel high frequency beings of light (allow high vibrational beings to speak through me) to gain a read on my client and their potential future paths in work, love, life, etc.  The future is not set.  Psychic readings shed light on potential outcomes, as well as give guidance on how to accomplish what you desire.  The proper guidance can make a huge impact on where you end up!

In a mediumship reading, a spirit or light being will lower their vibration as I raise mine.  This midpoint allows us to gain an energetic connection.  The being uses my gifts to communicate as I deliver their messages to you.  I connect with various high frequency beings such as various extraterrestrials, spirit guides, angels, faeries, passed loved ones, animals, and so many more!


The spirit of a passed loved one you hope to connect with may not always come through.  It takes a lot of energy for them to come forth, so some may not be able to clearly communicate at the time of the reading.  Sometimes other people you had not asked about insist on delivering messages.  These may be close family members, distant connections you have not physically met before, or anyone in between.

Readings are often a mix between psychic and mediumship, but it is dependent upon your needs and interests.  We can even connect to things such as past lives!  Discovering details about your past lives give you insight into your current path.  The challenges you are currently facing, both phsycially and emotionally, may very well be rooted in unresolved issues from your past.  I am here to help you break those recurring cyles and shed understanding onto your path however needed.

Tips for a Good Reading

-Write down specific topics or questions you want to cover prior to the reading.  This allows us to make the most out of our time and ensures all of your questions are answered.

-Please be patient.  It may take a moment to establish an energetic connection with an energy being or gain a strong read on a situation.  This is perfectly normal.

-Make notes throughout the reading.  Messages or spirits may come through that do not immediately resonate with you.  It is very common for it to click the next day or at some point in the coming weeks.  Having notes to look back on can definitely prove to be beneficial in these cases!

-Come with an open mind.  Please do not try to test my gifts or withhold information.  Being guarded makes it much more difficult for me to read you clearly.  I am here to give you guidance and shed light on difficult situations.  I completely understand if you are feeling skeptical, but I ask that you please keep those opinions to the side during the reading.  You are free to reassess once the reading has finished!

-Feel free to ask for clarification.  The reading is for you!  If you are unclear on a message or want to dive deeper into something that is said, feel free!  Keep in mind, however, that Spirit may sometimes withhold information for a reason.  In these cases, I will let you know that I am unable to offer more information and why.

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