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Client Love


I did a Reiki and Psychic Reading session with Amber and it was AMAZING! Like nothing I've ever experienced. It was my first time trying Reiki and I couldn't have been in better hands. Amber made me feel so comfortable and I could feel her working on my energy even though we were on opposite coasts. She reflected back to me so much of what I experienced in the session and I felt really seen! I had an INCREDIBLE experience and a very moving vision journey. I highly recommend Amber to anyone and everyone! I loved it so much that I bought sessions for my Mom and my two best friends so they could experience it too!!


My session with Amber was the most enlightening session I've ever had with a psychic. She unlocked and explained my past lives to me in a comprehensive way that helped me better understand myself. I had my session over a year ago and I still think about her guidance weekly to help me align with myself and my highest path. Love her and you will too!


Amber has been a light in my life for years! She has the most beautiful heart and soul. I don't know what I would have done without her. She has gotten me connected to deceased loved ones, spirit guides, and has channeled everything from ancient dinosaurs to intergalactic beings of light. She even helped me change my perspective of a being I once viewed as negative when in reality that being just wanted to be heard, understood, and needed help crossing over. This being now thanks me in future readings and no longer stays around me. She has been my go to whenever I need spiritual guidance. I could write a book over everything we've experienced together! Amber, thank you sooo much for all the help, guidance, and support you've given me all these years. You are the best! Love and light to you always!


Amber did both a psychic reading for me and a reiki session, and I cannot recommend her enough. Besides being masterful at what she does, she's friendly, fun, and creates a warm and inviting space to experience healing. Amber brings a lot of laughter and playfulness to her sessions, which only added to the uplifted feeling I left with after our time together. I felt taken care of, listened to, and understood. Working with Amber to heal and understand is a unique and beautiful experience - I could not recommend her more!


I had been in and out of the hospital due to allergy and UTI complications along with me recently having trouble breathing.  I wasn't sure if the issues were related or separate.  Amber was actually able to pinpoint my fruit allergy and saw a type of crystal forming where my UTI was present.  She also energetically saw a type of gray cloud in my upper respiratory region indicating really bad congestion/pain that had been going on for about 5 days.  (It got worse day by day! It was horrible!)  We then scheduled a specific time I knew I would be relaxed.  15 minutes before the scheduled time, I already felt her energy take over.  I felt this strong, healing energy flow up and down by body.  When she grounded my legs, it felt like they were being pushed down.  (My energetic body hasn't been aligned to my physical body due to me being more present with the physical aspect of me instead of my spiritual self.)  I could feel pulses of energy along with a consistent flow of it focused on my upper respiratory and where my UTI was.  It felt like everything was slowly being cleared.  It was amazing!  She then called me and we chatted about what she did and how I felt.  She did something that would allow the healing to continue for the next few days.  The following morning, I woke up and I was 75% better.  I could breathe properly again!  I'm now at day 2, and am feeling even better!  Thank you sooo much Amber.  You are amazzziiiinnnnggggggg!  You guys have to try her.  I've already been recommending her to all my friends!


As soon as you meet Amber you’ll realize that she is the sweetest most genuine person you’ll ever meet.  She radiates positivity and is willing to guide and work with you regardless of your level of experience and with the best intentions.  She is great a communicating with those who have passed but her ability to teach is what really spoke to me.  She has allowed me to grow in a way that I never thought I would and had provided the confirmations I’ve needed during my spiritual journey.  Thank you for allowing yourself to be available for me to tap into and to ask questions on the regular.


My sessions with Amber always leave me feeling uplifted and satisfied.  She uses her gifts to share information that provides clarity and comfort. I scheduled a mini Hey Hero session with her that gave me excellent guidance on a big life decision that I was making—and a few months later, after taking her advice, the situation played out better than I could have hoped, and I dodged a huge bullet because of her insight.  A longer one-on-one zoom session with her answered more mystical questions that I had about past lives, my spiritual growth, and tips on how to connect to my guides.  I have recommended her gifts and podcast to my friends and family, and will continue to do so!

Amber is kind, thorough, and nonjudgmental.  I’m convinced that our sessions together have done more for me than therapy has!


I find found Amber through heyhero, and had been recommended by a friend to ask for clarity on who our guides are. Amber’s response was received in a timely matter, and hit me deeper than I would have ever expected. Their clarity and conciseness is unmatched, their guidance has answered so many questions and has changed my way of seeing the world around me. Highly recommend their 1 on 1 sessions, fun and informative podcast, and short form responses on Hey Hero!


I’ve been fortunate to know many skilled psychic/intuitive readers, and Amber is among one of my newest faves! She is no- nonsense, gets straight to the heart of the answer, and is highly accurate! She helped me through some challenging times and I always left our session feeling uplifted and clear


I worked with Amber through Reiki training and can say she has been a guiding figure for me on this journey. I feel blessed to have worked with her in learning the Art of energy healing where in many ways sparked a healing within me. Any questions I had were answered clearly, concisely, and with love! She is a pure hearted spirit whose gifts bring such healing to those she works with. Her knowledge and wisdom of her gift is what separates her from other healers. She brings a new set of tools that I have never experienced elsewhere. If you’re inquiring about booking a session or learning reiki with Amber I highly suggest it!


I have done a few readings with her now and I cannot recommend Amber more highly!! There are always several powerful moments that confirm for me what comes through her and it is always delivered judgment free and with love and support for your highest!

Sasha Love

Amber was amazing to work with and I am so grateful for our session.  I had an intense initiation experience recently dealing with dark entities and a hex after my spiritual gifts as a psychic channel came online and Amber was able to tune in and answer a lot of lingering questions I had about these entities that I had been afraid to ask anyone else since that experience. She was able to help me gain clarity on the entities I was dealing with and the purpose of the contracts I had with these beings, which provided me with a great peace of mind and a sense that I could officially close this chapter of my book and move on from that experience...Her insight into this "dark" period of my life was beneficial for my healing journey and I am grateful we were able to connect and work together. She offered a lot of great tips and advice for protecting and dealing with negative energies going forward. I loved her energy. This session was incredibly validating and I look forward to working with Amber again in the future!


She’s an amazing medium and an even better human being.  She helped me with a lot of what I’m going through and gave me validation on things and I’m so thankful for this reading.  This reading helped me more than I imagined, so thank you again girly.


I discovered Amber through her podcast on Spotify. Amber is genuine with her gifts, and I appreciate her reminder to trust the process in life. She provided guidance to create healthy relationships with my spouse, career, spirit guides, finance, and myself. Amber quickly responded when I couldn't meet her in my second session, and she allowed me to book her next availability. Her calmness and magical aurora radiated in both of my sessions. I highly recommend Amber if you need guidance in life or want to connect with departed loved ones and spirit guides! 


Amber is the best reader I've ever been to!  Her energy is so warm and inviting, her messages are clear and lighthearted, and her guidance is clear and motivating.  I always feel so refreshed after talking to her.  She really helps me realign to my highest timeline and happily answers and explores any random Universal questions I'm curious to learn more about.  I always feel more like myself whenever I talk to her.  Her energy is so healing and soothing to be around.  She's my forever favorite!

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