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Reiki Classes

Reiki & How It Works

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that promotes body, mind, and soul wellness.  This powerful, yet gentle style of healing stimulates the body’s natural healing process by keeping one’s energy field balanced and removing energy blockages.  Reiki has been proven to benefit those suffering from virtually any type of disease or illness, improve mental and emotional health, and increase spiritual well being.  It can aid in the management and recovery of anything from diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, PTSD, depression, addiction, insomnia, bruises, scrapes, broken bones, to past lives and karmic issues.  Reiki healings can be done in conjunction with any medical treatments to assist in recovery and overall health.

Reiki is composed of two words- Rei and Ki.  Rei, depending on your belief, refers to “God,” “Higher Power,” or “Spirit.”  Ki means “life force energy.”  This is the energy that flows throughout one’s body and outward to create the human energy field, or aura.  When the flow of Ki is blocked, physical disease or illness results.  These blockages are a result of our negative thoughts and emotions.  It has been scientifically proven time and time again that our thoughts have a direct affect on our physical condition.  Once our Ki is clear and balanced, our mental state heightens and our physical state improves.  Reiki is roughly translated to appropriately mean life force energy being directed by God or Spirit.  Thus, this energy is pure love, and is always delivered to the areas that need healing.

Types of Reiki

Since Reiki is of source energy, it is limitless in its potential.  This has manifested in various forms of energy coming forward.  Usui Reiki is started by...

Karuna Reiki is....

Crystal reiki is...

Distance reiki vs in person

What to Expect During a Healing

A Reiki healing is performed as a practitioner goes through various hand positions 2-3 inches above the client.  This is where the human energy field lies.  My hands will begin above your head, to your arms, torso, legs, and toes.  Each position may be held for a few minutes depending on what is needed.  “Life force energy” will flow through my hands and be moved to the appropriate areas. Treatments are typically done lying down, but you may be seated if needed.  You will remain fully clothed.  You may feel warmth or tingling during the treatment as a result of the energy.  You may feel the need to expel emotions.  This is perfectly normal.  Clients often feel relaxed and light after a healing.  Some may experience a detox as the toxins leave their  body.  Make sure to drink plenty of water and get rest so your body can recover.  This is nothing to worry about as your body has released much needed toxins.

I am not a licensed health care professional and cannot diagnose any illnesses or disease.  If you have any medical concerns, be sure to contact you primary health provider (giver/doctor?)



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